About MayJah RayJah

In 2010 the "MayJah RayJah" BRAND has changed the vibe of Hawaii's Island and Reggae concerts by providing a music format that blends for all genre's to enjoy. With 3 back to back sellout shows which included "The MayJah RayJah" 2010 , "The Green" Official CD Release Party and "AlohaLauLea" Aloha Tower Block Party 2010 the "MayJah RayJah" BRAND has imprinted an image of being Hawaii's largest Island and Reggae music events. 2011 will be even bigger and more exciting with our expansion to Big Island and Maui our BRAND will grow even faster as more RayJah's (concert goers) get to experience the vibe of the "MayJah RayJah". The high energy and feel good atmosphere we provide is what separates the "MayJah RayJah" BRAND events from others.

Da Mission of Ray Jr.

I, Ray Jr., was inspired by how people enjoyed being entertained by music, family and friends. For many years I have observed and educated myself on what people enjoyed when they went to these events. After numerous years of going to concerts I realized that it wasn't just about music. It was more about socializing with peers and enjoying the atmosphere together. The lineup of talent and buzz of the event is what drove people to create large social gathering for the concerts . My goal was to build a BRAND not just a concert. I wanted to create an event where RayJah's (concert goer's) will look forward to going without knowing the lineup. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel by doing things totally different I wanted to add my style and flavor to it. I had a vision and a marketing plan to create my BRAND which now called "The MayJah RayJah".

Alohaz Ray Jr.